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About Kyshenko Gym Center
Artur Kyshenko was born on the 14th of November 1986 in Odessa, Ukraine. He started boxing at the age of 11 and moved to muay thai gym “Captain” a year later. At the age of 15, he already won Ukrainian Muay Thai Championship.  While training, under leadership of Pavel Batrin, he became a three-time IFMA world champion and a two-time  Ukrainian muay thai champion. He was also a K-1 World MAX final runner up. 
In 2010, Kyshenko moved to the Netherlands and started acknowledging Dutch Kickboxing school in Mike’s Gym, Amsterdam. He became KoK 71kg champion, and took second place in the tournaments such as It’s Showtime “Fast and Furious 70MAX” and K-1 World MAX 2012. 
In 2014, Kyshenko moved to Spain and opened his Kyshenko gym in Badalona. While training on his own there, he started his active winning streak (20 wins for now) and became the 80kg champion in Kunlun as well as middleweight champion of Arena. 
Besides that, Kyshenko debuted in professional boxing in 2019 and took a confident win by unanimous decision over Argentinian ex-middleweight champion. Currently, Artur is still a competing fighter with the unique ехperience that he is sharing in Kyshenko Gym.
Kyshenko Gym is a place imbued with the spirit of victory and confidence. Everyone can become part of our team regardless of age, level of training and nationality. Our coaches are active professional athletes with world titles.
We constantly develop and learn new knowledge and developments in physiology, psychology and nutritionology. Such famous martial arts representatives as Alexander Usik, Gang Drago, Cedrik Dumbe, Alexander Besputin etc, were preparing for their battles in Kyshenko GYM.


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If your goal is flexibility, dexterity and self-confidence, then kickboxing is what you are searching for. 
During rounds of 3 minutes each, an athlete will intensively practice kickboxing techniques on a boxing bag. In means of strain on the body, it’s a good substitution to high intensity interval trainings. 
Muay Thai
Muay Thai strengthens your psyche and body. It also corrects your musculoskeletal system and helps younger generations in healing their spine diseases. In addition, it improves your metabolism and strengthens your ligaments and muscles.  Practicing muay thai will lead you to better:
  • hand and arms movement coordination,
  • balance,
  • reflex.
Due to high intensity during trainings it also helps you in losing weight. Unlike running or strength training, which leads to comparable results, muay thai primarily  gets you tired mentally due to the diversity of exercises, excitement and competitive spirit.
Boxing improves your body’s coordination and precision. It also has a positive influence on reflex timing, stamina, muscle capacity and concentration. 
Boxing practices also have a psycho-emotional function. Beginners feel more self-confident already after first few practices. Moreover, they learn to control their emotions, which is very beneficial for your daily life.  
Fitness is a very beneficial activity for your life. What kind of benefits are those?
  • It stabilizes your metabolism and nutrition, strengthens your circulatory, skeletal, muscle and immune systems. 
  • Trim and fit body.
  • Improves your motor coordination and corrects your body posture and gait. 
  • Stress relief.
  • Finally, it benefits your well-being and makes you stronger and more refreshed. 
As Aristotle once said “Moving is living”.
By doing fitness, you become more durable and dexterous and all together it makes you more self- confident and stimulates you to conquer new heights.
Children 3-5 years 
Throughout the development of a child’s body, sufficient training positively affects the child. Before everything else, correct motor skills are established, the child learns to control his/her body, improves coordination, dexerity and flexibility.
Children 6-12 years 
Learning the art of kickboxing or muay thai helps children to characterize perseverance, determination, courage, tactical thinking, willpower and self-control. Muay thai for kids:
  • It is not only martial arts, but also an instrument for proper socialization. 
  • It is one of the options for the harmonious development of spirit and body.
  • It is an approach to make their way of life brighter, as children as well as in adulthood.
Kyshenko sports camp
Sports camp for lovers and professionals all year round! Everyone has the opportunity to go through their own individual training course at the Kyshenko Gym. We would be more than happy to share a deeper understanding of Arthur Kyshenko’s training system. You can choose what is specifically right for you. Directions of trainings:
  • Hand wrapping
  • Development of a diet depending on goals and physically acitivity
  • Basic kickboxing and boxing techniques
  • The combination and secrets of Arthur Kyshenko’s training system for professionals
  • Training with active professional athletes under the directions and knowledge of Arthur Kyshenko
If necessary, we are ready to provide you with accommodation, balanced meals, excursions, car rentals, transit from the airport. We are waiting for you! This is your opportunity to spend more time with health benefits and pleasure for the soul.
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We have released our own brand of clothes and accessories for the trainings and consequently, everyday life. All products are designed for trainings and physiological characteristics of an athlete.  For the manufacturing of these products, we solely use high quality materials.  We also offer worldwide shipping.

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